Constituent Services

Our constituent services consists of two parts, community outreach and case management. We currently have four area captains that are out on the field everyday and work on cases 1-2 times a week. Our constituent services director, Troy Weekes, handles case management everyday as well as making sure the team is prepared to go into the community. For the month of April the constituent services team received a total of 129 cases, 87 of those being new cases. We sent 47 of these cases to the month of May, closed out 82 cases, with an average of 21 days taken to complete.

Breakdown of Constituent Services for April 2023

all constituent reports from january 2022 can be accessed here

You can contact our Director of Constituent Services through email, or phone number (917) 938 3808. To find your area captain, please see below:

area captains info