• Provide Medicare for All.
  • Support and fund our community’s senior centers to provide resources that improve seniors’ health, sense of safety and life satisfaction.
  • Pass the New York Health Act and also work locally to expand NYC Care so that every person in the five boroughs can get comprehensive health care at affordable rates before we reach Medicare for All.
  • Provide free access to reproductive health services like sex education, abortion, and contraception.
  • Ensure city agencies are language accessible, all public agency documents should be in straightforward language and provide translation aid. Extend such requirements for work contracts, mortgage agreements, medicine leaflets, utility bills etc.
  • Provides services to veterans for re-entry into the workforce, end veteran homelessness and provide the highest quality health and mental health services.
  • Ensure community clinics, hospitals, and medical services are well-funded and geared towards community needs. This includes fighting medical redlining and addressing the use and treatment of drugs with a model of community care.