ACTUAL Affordable Housing

Our platform doesn’t just call for more housing in Harlem, but ACTUAL affordable housing which includes:

  • Redefining “affordable” housing and adjusting the metrics to make it truly affordable based on tenant income.
  • Immediately housing the homeless. Now with homelessness on the rise, and imminent mass evictions, it is time to pivot towards a true “Right to Housing/Housing First” approach. End the shelter system, invest in the Homes Guarantee now!
  • Highly regulating landlords with universal rent control, rent stabilization, and a transfer of slumlord buildings to tenant ownership.
  • Funding a rent forgiveness initiative for those who are still struggling with past-accrued rent due to the pandemic.
  • Increasing the amount of supportive housing available to the disabled community.
  • Conducting a probe into homeless services and end homelessness by making homes (not just shelters) for the homeless population.
  • Increasing NYCHA funding and reject the privatization of public housing. Instead expand and increase public housing. Also, conduct a probe into the housing budget and the mismanagement of funds.
  • Advocating and lobbying congress to implement the Green New Deal for Public Housing, which proposes to install “green retrofits” in over 1 million public housing units, with an aim to significantly reduce emissions and pollution in our neighborhoods, substantially improve the living conditions of our residents and create thousands of green jobs.
  • Advocating on behalf of tenants, and help harness tenant power through organizing, supporting and aiding Tenant Associations/Unions and providing space for tenant leaders to be heard in City Council. I will also be a voice against the “Blueprint” which is an unrealistic and overly speculative proposal that offers nothing meaning for NYCHA residents, other than what is deserved and owed. I will advocate for NYCHA residents and for the expansion of public housing against the threat of privatization.
  • Rejecting the “Blueprint” which is an unrealistic and overly speculative proposal that offers nothing meaningful for NYCHA residents, other than what is deserved and owed.
  • Proposing a pied-a-terres tax and a tax on all vacant housing. These taxes are important for our overall goal to house New Yorkers who need housing, wherever housing is available. I will funnel that money into programs for the public good, especially affordable housing.
  • Requiring landlords to make fully accessible apartments and to upgrade current apartments to be fully accessible.

Here are some legislative advancements we have put forward to fulfill our platform:

Introduction 0503: Prohibits landlords from discriminating against people who live in affordable housing units by creating separate entrances or excluding them from certain building amenities

Introduction 0502: Provides rental assistance to disabled veterans

Cosponsored 0558: Extends rent-stabilization laws, including rent-control on apartments, until 2024

Cosponsored 0303: Requires the tracking and reporting of certain data related to rental assistance programs such as CityFHEPS (passed by the city council June 2022)

Cosponsored 0539: Requires the Department of Housing Preservation and Development to conduct periodic studies of rent-stabilized housing to create a plan to incentivize the landlords of rent-stabilized apartments to keep such accommodations stabilized

Disrupting The One 45 Project: The Councilwoman attended multiple hearings involving the One45 development alongside her constituents. The community shared their concerns about the development, its unaffordability, and its potential to displace long-time residents. After a lot of negotiation, we have stopped the truck stop, and have gotten the project to agree to units that are ACTUALLY affordable with 40% of units being at or under 60%AMI which is a great start.

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