• Fight tooth and nail for all workers to build a strong labor movement. Building solidarity among all workers, whether poverty wage workers or privilege wage workers, and all unions from various industries, is absolutely crucial to this movement.
  • Support the unionization of all workers. Support and provide grants to community organizations that help unionize non-union workplaces, empower collective bargaining and fight against wage theft.
  • Unconditionally support labor strikes, even when actions violate legal restrictions. Worker strikes, whether wildcat or general, must be legal.
  • Support the rights of independent workers, freelancers and gig-workers to have the same benefits as employees.
  • Rise to the demands of the working class who are calling for adequate personal protective equipment (PPE), higher levels of health and safety measures, wage increase, proper resources and training, job preservation, benefits, paid leave, sick pay and hazard pay. I will fight with all my power to advocate on behalf of our essential workers.
  • Extend unemployment benefits (or the equivalent) to undocumented immigrants who are unemployed due to the pandemic.
  • Fight for all workers to earn a livable wage that demonstrates the true value of their labor.
  • Following multiple car related deaths of precarious workers delivering food, prioritize delivery personnel in green zone lanes in the short term, while working towards having a living wage and extended for all workers, documented and undocumented.

KRJ supports Labor