Meaningful Change & Mental Health


  • Kristin Richardson Jordan is Black, a lesbian, a woman, an activist, an artist, a teacher, an author, a small business owner and a social justice warrior. She believes in full employment, free quality education, free public transportation, and prison abolition. ONCE elected, Kristin would be the youngest person in history AND the first out LGBTQ individual to hold this office. 

How are we providing change in our office?

Task Forces: Councilwoman Richardson Jordan has established multiple task forces all focused on improving the quality of Harlemites’ lives. From the Black/Brown Housing and Anti-gentrification Task Force to the Environmental Justice Task Force, she and a host of volunteers have been able to engage the Harlem community in City Council’s everyday decision making.

Introduction 0418: Establishes a drag laureate program, where an annual drag laureate is picked, acting as an ambassador to local businesses and LGBTQ+ spaces and would promote arts and culture in the City