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Increase Access to Trash Bins In Harlem

Increase Trash Bins in Harlem

In 2018 the city removed over 200 trash bins from the streets of Harlem. Despite a call for more resources, during the Covid19 pandemic even more trash bins were removed. This is an unjustified plight against the community, especially in light of New York City’s worsening rat infestation. Hundreds of trash cans were removed by the city; we call on the city to use their budget to replace them. We also encourage the use of solar bins to promote greener and more hygienic public spaces. Solar bins also require fewer collections, therefore it would be a cost saving addition.

Kristin Richardson Jordan KRJ For District 9 3

Rename 135th Lenox Avenue Subway Station After Arturo Schomburg

Please sign this petition to have the 135th Lenox Avenue Subway station named after Arturo Schomburg. This renaming would serve as a reminder towards the continuous and necessary work towards equity and justice.

Kristin Richardson Jordan KRJ For District 9 2

Reclaiming Harlem History: Rename Lincoln Housing to Ella Baker Housing

Ella Baker was a civil rights and human rights activist who lived in Harlem. Baker was a game changer for Black liberation and organized blue-collared workers into the movement. Baker played a vital role in some of the most influential organizations of the time.

Kristin Richardson Jordan KRJ For District 9 3 1

Petition to Bring Reinvestment to Harlem District 9 Following Legalization of Recreational Cannabis Sales in New York State

Advocate that revenue from the legalization of marijuana is used to invest in low-income communities of color.

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Petition to Stop the Towers of Doom

Sign the petition to stop the destruction of a historically Black working class neighborhood by big real estate! An email will go directly to Anita Laremont, Director, Department of City Planning.